Welcome to Schmölders spindeltechnology

Die Abteilung Spindeltechnik wurde im Jahr 2016 gegründet.


We strive for a zero-defect strategy. This is essential for the repair and optimization of your spindle. We use the latest and most modern technology for the tests, including an engine test bench. In this way we can achieve and document the optimal result for you in the 1/1000 mm range. Due to our high-quality standard, all spindles that are repaired by our team come with a limited warranty.


Our spindle technology consists not only of spindle repairs, but also of spindle construction, maintenance, testing and optimization. Our team uses only original spare parts, according to the manufacturer’s specification, such as bearings, rotary encoders, clamping systems and condition sensors. Furthermore, we have an in-house production facility that produces urgently needed or no longer available repair spare parts. This gives you the opportunity to have your spindle 100% repaired again after a profitability test.


Our all-in-one service includes:

  • Spindle service on site
  • Analysis of the spindle in our technical centre
  • Offer preparation
  • Consultation on how to proceed
  • Spindle repair and optimization according to the manufacturer's specifications
  • Testing on our shaft test bench
  • Installation
  • Final review
  • Digital documentation