Spindle technology services

Complete service for your spindle. Our technicians have a decade of international experience in the field of spindle technology. Our range of services include everything you need for your spindle, starting with maintenance and optimization, through repairs according to the manufacturer's specifications with original spare parts, right through to the construction or replacement of the spindle.

Our "All In One Service" for you includes:

Our technicians dismantle your spindle and analyse the reason for failure. You will then receive an assessment of the general condition. In connection with a detailed report, we will inform you transparently and comprehensively about the repair measures and the expected costs and duration.

Thanks to our close international business relationships with the manufacturers of rolling bearings, clamping systems, motors, rotating unions, and seals, we are able to quickly source original spare parts.

Thanks to our in-house production in conjunction with our own CAD / CAM department, we are able to provide urgently needed spare parts, e.g. a spindle nut or labyrinth rings, time-efficient to manufacture in-house.

Spindle repair includes:

Incoming inspection

Before each spindle repair or spindle optimization, the spindle is visually and technically documented. For this step we use our in-house high-tech spindle test bench in order to be able to record the most precise data for you.

Dismantling and failure analysis

In this work step, the spindle is dismantled, and each individual part is examined in its position. In addition, the individual parts are cleaned and then measured. Defective components are documented.

Detailed and transparent cost estimate

Based on the results and the individual component check, we will prepare a detailed and transparent offer for your spindle repair. We will be happy to advise you about the necessities and possible need for optimization or further optimization options in the offer phase.

Repair of the spindle

In this work step, your spindle is expertly reassembled according to the manufacturer's specifications. Components that show defects, abnormalities or severe signs of wear are replaced.

Repair of the spindle shaft

With our specially developed shaft rescue system, we can replace worn cones and grind existing cones back into its actual geometry. This saves you having to buy a new spindle shaft and you are independent of the manufacturers' stocks.

Exchange of encoders and sensors

To minimize the future risk of failure, we swap encoders and sensors across the board, because these elements can cause additional downtime with an advanced lifespan.

Production of spare parts in-house

Since we are part of Schmölders GmbH & Co. KG, we have access to the entire CNC machine park and a multi-person CAD / CAM department. This enables us to manufacture the urgently needed spare parts in-house in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner.

Preparation of acceptance documentation

After your spindle has been professionally assembled, it is sent to our high-tech engine test bench. The balancing quality is set in accordance with DIN ISO 21940. In addition, we take over the fat distribution run and the endurance test for you. Upon delivery, you will receive a detailed report on the current results of the test bench and other quality tests, such as geometrical check of the shape and position tolerances.

Our range of services applies to the following spindle types:

We repair and overhaul spindles, independently of the respective spindle manufacturer, such as:
Bridgeport, Cytec, Chiron, DMG, DMG Mori, Deckel Maho, Deutschle, EUMACH, Fanuc, Fiege, Fischer AG, Fischer Precise, Franz Kessler, Fortuna, Gamfior, Gildemeister, GMN, Hedelius, Homag, Huron, Hurco, Hermle, HSD, IBAG, IMT, Jäger, Kellenberger, Matec, Mazak, Mikron, Mori Seiki, Omlat, Okuma, Renaud, SKF, Step-Tec, Schaudt, Starrag Heckert, SW Werkzeugmaschinen, TDM, UKF, Weiss, Quaser u.v.m.